I have a variety of interests, the most significant of which are music and physics. 

Currently, I am working with scientists and chefs from the Crossmodal research lab at Oxford on designing taste/sound experiments and experiences which you can read about here

My most recent practice-based research is summarized in a critical self-reflective account that was completed as part of my MA in Opera Making from the Guildhall School. For those interested in a personal and honest account of how as opera is made and how a composer is fundamentally changed by the process, please take a read:

Guildhall Self-Reflective Account

Additionally, here are some recent academic papers:

Koechlin the Astronomer

Learning Contemporary Music

Mahler the Opera-Maker

Trajectory of Leitmotifs

Statistical Analysis of Timbre

And some thoughts on my own work:

Science Music

TEDx Talk on my music, specifically Heat Death.

Beyond musical research, I have also spent time working in mechanical engineering. This work has also informed my composition, and I hope in the future to take these skills and use them to build new acoustic instruments. To find out more about my engineering work, please visit my Engineering Page.