Crossmodalism is a young but growing field of scientific research into the ways various sensory inputs can alter other sensory perceptions (for instance, a piece of chocolate's taste being altered from sweet to bitter by a specific sound). 

Working with scientists, chefs, musicians, perfumers, and other artists, the Crossmodalists (begun by pianist Chris Lloyd) are a group of artistic explorers who create new experiences using the science as a creative starting point. In my role as a composer, I have written works for the Crossmodalists and other affiliated artistic projects. My primary crossmodalist piece is called Cello and Wine and is written for solo cello and a specific kind of German white wine. Cello and Wine was premiered at a crossmodalist event in London on 16 May, 2015 by cellist Margarita Balanas, and performed again at the Rag Factory in June by the composer on cello. 

Although back in Florida, my work with the Crossmodalists continues, with plans to bring a crossmodalist performance to the United States and to start writing crossmodalist pieces in collaboration with US-based ensembles. 

Below are some images from a recent Crossmodalist rehearsal in London. 

In Silence

Beyond the food/music aspect of crossmodalism that the Crossmodalists specialize in, I recently had the opportuntiy to work with others interested in the crossmodalist vision. In particular, I wrote the music - in collaboration with fashion designer Zadrian Smith of PETRIe Inventory, fashion film makers Rob Jarvis and Hettie Griffiths, and pianist Chris Lloyd - for  the film In Silence. You can find the full issue (Issue #4) of the PETRIe e-magazine featuring In Silence here and you can watch the film below:

Very few women talk openly about their experiences of having an abortion, creating a silence that is often filled with myths and stereotypes. Feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt often weigh upon those who go through it. The story in this film cannot be categorised into simple emotions. It is neither regret or acceptance. Instead, it is an attempt to face the many unspoken emotions faced by these women, hoping to unburden their minds and break down these taboo topics of conversation. Directed by Rob Jarvis and Hettie Griffiths Fashion Director: Zadrian Smith Produced by Feast Films Director of Photography: Rob Jarvis Editor: Hettie Griffiths Script Writer: Emma Falk Dennis Model: Fredrika Larsson @ Viva London Prop Stylist: Haqim Bey Make-Up Artist: Angela Hamilton-Daley using Bobbi Brown Hair Stylist: Yusuke Morioka Using Bumble and Bumble Stylist Assistant: Brillant Nyansago Voice Over Artist: Emma Falk Dennis Composer: Evan Kassof Pianist: Chris Lloyd Sound Designer: Paul Darling Special Thanks to Yohji Yamamoto Press Team, Nhu Xuan Hua, Gautier Picrel & Studio Montmartre